We originally wanted to use other directory terms of service as our own.   Here’s our revised version.

Your Content Is Ours

By using our site, Real Estate Agents Near (AKA REAN), you agree that whatever you type into the site is now ours.  We have full rights to delete or remove your account if we don’t like what you type or upload.   If you’re doing spammy stuff or using misleading practices, we’ll remove you.

If you are a contributor and your write for us, the content is ours to do with as we please.

Don’t Do Bad Things Or You’ll Get Banned

Bad things could be using the site in a spammy way, or posting links to affiliates or just being a jerk.  Don’t be a jerk.

Agents, If You Paid For A Service – You will be served (sincerely).

If you paid for a service, then we will make every effort to deliver what was promised in the service pack.   Please direct all service complaints/questions to [email protected]

Consumers aka Home Buyers and Home Sellers

If you used an agent by finding them on this site, the best way to handle good and bad service is to review them here and on Google.   Our support staff isn’t the complaint box for an agent.

If you feel this agent is doing something criminal, please alert the authorities.  If you feel they are unethical, research their local state board.