Stupid-Simple Digital Marketing Plan For Real Estate Agents In 2019

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When it comes to marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the noise in the digital space. If you’re a real estate agent, you are probably bombarded with messages about social media advertising, pay per click advertising, SEO for Real Estate Agents, and even coaching programs.

All of this noise is pulling you, the agent, in every different direction. Gary Keller (of Keller Williams) has referred to this as the Spider-Man effect; a person sitting with his webs all over the place, which results in him being unable to move because he’s got his webs in too many different things at the same time. This is the mentality we need to defeat.

If you want to future proof your marketing and follow a digital marketing plan that is so simple that it’s almost stupid, it will involve some technology. The world is cluttered with technology and there is a lot of different marketing strategies you can use – but let’s cover some of them.

Google’s Future

Google undoubtedly owns the search engine and although you own your content, they can change things if they want. If you look closely, you’ll notice that even if you are ranked on the first page, you’re probably below the fold. So, unless you get that feature snippet you are not even being seen until someone scrolls down.

That’s the big issue and we can’t solely rely on Google here. So, what about the second largest search engine in the world?


YouTube. If YouTube were a country, it would be the largest in the world after China and India, and it’s just growing. It’s growing tremendously but you’ve probably heard this all, and it’s nothing new. This marketing strategy will involve YouTube and you’ll need to leverage YouTube if you want to get your message out there.

In 2015, the average adult spent more than three hours on social media or digital media. That’s three hours a day. You need to pay attention to social channels if you want to be relevant.

What’s the Stupid Simple marketing Plan for Real Estate Agents In 2019?

You are asking the wrong question. In order to really understand the strategy, you really need to understand your big Why? There’s a great book that most of you have hopefully read or heard of called, “Start with Why”.

You can get executive summary of the book in PDF here

Why do you do what you do? You need to grab hold of your motivation. We spend a lot of time figuring out what motivates our customers but rarely look at why we do something.

As an example:

What do you do – I sell real estate.

Why – I help families move forward in life

Revamped – I help families move forward during the most stressful activity they can do.

As a side note, you can also add an ‘I love’ or ‘I believe’ statement; for e.g. ‘I believe in real estate as an investment’.

The Strategy

Step 1: Go Live

Yes, I’m talking about Facebook live. Right now, if you go live, these social platforms are pushing your content up and you are getting a ton more views.  I already know some of you are scared of what to say on video. 

This is why we started with why, but here’s some topics:

  • You can open up your very first Facebook live conversation with why you got into the business that you are in.
  • How about some recent success stories? Not the humble brag.  No one likes that, but maybe a challenge that you overcame or why you really enjoyed working with a particular family or customer.
  • Maybe there’s a very interesting story. For e.g. my insurance agent did this recently and I thought it was amazing – he was talking about a guy who had some sort of mushroom farm where they’re doing research to cure diseases.
  • Frequently asked questions are always good to go with.
  • You could do an analysis on the real estate market

Step 2: Download the Video

The rest of these steps are super practical, you could have your assistant do them.

Now you’re going to go download the video. Once your video is live, you can just head on over to your page and then click on ‘more’. You can go to videos, and then you’ll see your video. Just click on it and choose ‘download video’.

In fact, that’s exactly what you want to do. You make a video with Facebook Live, get that huge push, and now you’re going to download the video.

Step 3: Post and Share the Video

The next step is to post the video. If you created the video on Facebook you would post it on YouTube and on LinkedIn. Pretty simple. Both of those sites have pretty straightforward ways of posting them. If you did a highly personal video would I think that it’s a great idea for you to post it on YouTube.

Step 4: Post It to Your Website

Now you need to upload the video to your website. So, step one is to go live, step two is to take the video and download it. Step three is to post it, and now step four is to add it to your website. You can use the YouTube embed option as that’s most people’s preferred method.

To get your YouTube embed code simply click ‘share’ on your YouTube. You don’t have to be highly technical to do that and it’s a pretty straightforward process.

Google wants to promote video. Facebook wants to promote video. We are in a type of ‘video war’ so to speak, and that’s why this strategy is so incredibly effective.

Step 5: Send an Email

Most businesses have some sort of customer list or a database. If you don’t you are in trouble. At the very least, use Outlook or Google Contacts as your database so that you at least have some contacts to work with.

We all know we’re supposed to be sending messages to our database on a frequent basis. YouTube even has an email function if you can’t figure it out!

Final Step: Think Membership

You need to think about your database like a membership company thinks about its members.  Membership companies like Netflix, Facebook and even your local associations all use this strategy – whether they do it intentionally or not. 

They spend time and energy thinking about two things:

  1. How to add enough value to keep its members
  2. How to add enough value to attract new members

What does this have to do with Facebook Live? 

There’s a number called the Dunbar Number and it basically says you can only have a relationship for up to 150 people. Chances are very good that those 150 people are on Facebook with you. 

Let’s say we took 150 people and you decided that all you want to do is care for them.

So, you go on Facebook Live, talk about your Why or something interesting, and then share it with your “tribe” or membership group.

This is referred to as Future Proof because you control your content, you control the context and you’re using your why to attract new members to your tribe – and you’re spending your time and energy on them. When you do this, your real estate business will grow as a result.

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